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Doctor | Artist | Believer

I am a dentist by profession and a full-time Art Enthusiast. Drawing inspirations from my surroundings, I try to create contemporary and intriguing art.


An Alcohol Inks & Resin Artist for the last few years, I have been completely absorbed by the beauty of it's abstractness.

The uncertainty and unpredictability about this art form is always keeping me curious and excited to explore more .


Passionate about Art since childhood, I've had the privilege to be guided by great art teachers who have nurtured my skills and given me the right attitude towards art. From simple oil pastels to charcoals,  or acrylics to oils, I've explored and experimented with a lot of different art forms and finally I believe I've found my home with inks & resin! 

"ART isn’t what you SEE, it’s what it makes you FEEL”

- Ami

This is exactly what I would want everyone around me to believe. Through my art pieces or my workshops or even my social media, I want to reach out to as many of u to make you feel what I feel. I welcome you to be a part of my journey which is close to my heart, My Art!

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Online Workshops

Learn abstract fluid art forms via online guided learning sessions

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Functional Artworks

Select or Customise artworks for your living spaces



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